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Android Digital Wellbeing Google's digital wellbeing tool

The feature, known as Digital Wellbeing, appears as a dashboard that shows how much time you spent in different apps, as well as how many notifications you received. Marked with a digital feel-good banner, users can see how many notifications they've received, how long they've spent on a particular app, and more. Sources: 11, 17

Well-being allows you to see how much time you spent in each app during the day, as well as how many notifications you received that day. Sources: 15

The main page takes you to the Digital Well-being Dashboard, which shows you the apps you used that day and the time you spent in each app. This is indicated by a circle that shows you the total number of notifications and the time you spent on the phone today, along with the time of day. Sources: 5, 11

Digital Wellbeing's dashboard lets you find apps you've overused and set a timer that allows you to use the app for a limited period of time. When you set the timer for a particular app, a countdown will be started and displayed if you have one minute left to use this app. If you want to turn it off, scroll down to Digital wellbeing and then tap the "Turn it off" button at the top right of the screen. You can also make changes to the apps by going to the digital wellbeing app and tapping on it. Sources: 1, 3, 5, 12

If you have a pixel device running Android Pie, you may be surprised by the default setting, but Digital Wellbeing is not in the app list or drawer. Sources: 5

On the other hand, it requires you to open the app every time you want to see what you're going to do. Digital Wellbeing will track how long a person interacts with their Android phone during the day. It helps you with a simple round chart that shows you which apps you use most and how long you have been using your phone overall, as well as your most frequently used apps. Sources: 8, 10, 16

If you want to keep track of your Android smartphone use, you can download and install Digital Wellbeing on any Android device running Android Pie and download it for free. Android One devices also get access to the toolset, which can be found in the Android settings. If you have one of these devices, go to Google Play to download the beta for your phone, install it on it, and then go to your device's App Store to download the feel-good digital app from Google's Play Store. Sources: 9, 11, 15

The dashboard, called Digital Wellbeing, is located in the Android settings menu and is designed to show the usage habits of your smartphone. Digital well-being includes measures that allow you to see how much time you spend each day on your Android smartphone, as well as the number of hours you have already used it #. Sources: 13, 15

You can quickly open Digital Wellbeing and get a quick overview of how your phone is using without scrolling or tapping, and you can instantly see which apps are taking up the most time. With so many apps to choose from and how, you get to keep up with the latest from Android Central, as well as visit websites in your browser. In the current Android versions, Digital wellbeing is a feature that shows you an app dashboard where you can see how long each app has been open and by swiping between different screens you can see a breakdown by day and hour for each app. So if, like me, you can't use Google's digital wellbeing but want to keep an eye on apps that strain your productivity or are just mentally healthier and more aware of the world around you, this app can help you. Sources: 4, 6, 7, 14

However, these five new apps don't seem to require Digital Wellbeing to be part of the initiative, so you can't use them if you don't have a current version of Android running Digital Wellbeing. A third app is not listed as a digital wellbeing product, but it helps reduce the stimulation and constant nudging that you normally get from your smartphone. The phone is actually a very useful tool in itself, and not just for mental health purposes. Sources: 0, 2

The app, called Digital Wellbeing, appears to be available on Pixel phones running Android 9.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above, and the upcoming and soon-to-be-released Android 5.1 lollipop version of Android. Digital well-being is available on Android phones and tablets in the Google Play Store, but not on smartphones or tablets. 

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