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I think we are very close to that area because we have a president who is breaking down barriers and making those barriers possible. The economy is coming back, and today's GDP figures are evidence of that, but the economy has been artificially shut down. Just back to the files, just look at the conversations that have been going on for some time. Sources: 0

I think we're going to see a number of people supporting the president when we talk to them about his accomplishments. I think you see a lot of supporters coming from the sidelines wanting to back him for a second term. Sources: 0

I want young people to be the next generation of wealth creators in Britain and they need to be physically active when a whole range of social and economic factors get in your way. The president has always followed the CDC guidelines, which are very clear about the importance of physical activity for health and well-being. What do you do if you can't wear a mask because of the social distance? Sources: 0, 1

I have never said that I am excited about the possibilities of the network and that it is definitely an area in which I want to develop my career. I see this as a match that might leave the assembled media out in the rain, but I will look forward to the rally to make sure that happens. You don't have to step out of the comfort of your own home into the world of social media and people would be on your side. Sources: 0, 1

If Ferdinand's mind is not frozen by fear and anger, it will flare up again if you take the time to think very carefully and appreciate what he has to say and what is being thought about. It is worth noting that we have seen an 85% reduction in mortality rates, and I think that is what we are seeing, because unless you are in the seventies. Their chances of survival are over 99 per cent. Sources: 0, 1

It was really wonderful to see the president interact with these brave men and women in uniform. Lil Wayne and the team talked a little bit about the White House, and he could just have a casual conversation, ask his questions, talk to the heroes and talk to them. Sources: 0

This is another issue for the election campaign, but as far as I know there has been bad weather and very strong winds. Ve said it was a decision in the election campaign and we could have the bus that we normally have there, so that was our decision. Sources: 0

All I can say is that it was my team that carried out the al-Baghdadi raid and obtained the quotation from the presidential unit. I think the heroes there deserve all the credit, but the president is the real leader and the decisions are made. He is a good, hard-working military man who has forced Soleimani and al Baghdadi out of office. Although I could not rave about the food, at least the customer care and evacuation was of a high standard. Sources: 0, 1

While Villa continue to look for hope and conviction, there is little reason to be exhilarated. It takes effort to monitor Indonesia's entry into democratic elections in this way, but no one is more burdensome than the president of Indonesia. Sources: 1

Q Kayleigh, the president has previously stated that he might be willing to put money into his own campaign. Dr. Fauci has made no secret of his opposition to the idea of a national mask mandate. Kayleigh recently hit the headlines again for advocating for a 'national mask' in her speech to the International Human Rights Conference in Jakarta. Sources: 0

I stood on the balcony of the town hall and listened to the mayor raving about the place he loved. I knew he was pretty excited but the brilliant last 25 minutes gave the 9,000 crowd a sun-drenched experience in Hyde Park. 

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