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Google Ad Grants

As mentioned earlier, the Google Ad Grants program applies only to text ads, and this time you can only use Google Grants for a text ad. The Google Ads Platform also allows you to view and retard ads. Text ads are used only in the form of text, not in the form of ads or video ads, and not in a direct way - to consumers. As noted in the example above, GoogleAd Grants are for texts only and for texts only. Sources: 6, 10, 11

Google also mentions that the Google Ad Grants Program is only for organizations that have current and valid charity status. The types of companies and organizations are not eligible for GoogleAd Grants, and Google also explains in the program's description that it does not apply to nonprofit organizations. Sources: 9, 12

Generally, Google Ad Grants are designed to help non-profit organizations attract donors, raise awareness of their organizations, and recruit volunteers through some form of advertising or Google search. Google Ad Grants are simply costs that Google pays to nonprofits, but if you are trying to raise awareness and donations, then Google ad Grants can help you achieve this. Sources: 0, 7, 14

Google Ad Grants are free, but many nonprofits have difficulty acquiring Google AdWords, properly optimizing and monitoring their Google Grants accounts each month. Indeed, running a GoogleAd Grant account can be a challenge for nonprofits that do not understand the pros and cons of Google search advertising. Even for organizations unfamiliar with Google Ads, one or more people are dedicated to maintaining a GoogleAd Grant account. You don't have to pay anyone to help you maintain your Google Ad allowances, and you can maintain them for just $1 a month or even less. Sources: 14, 15, 18, 19

Google Nonprofit gives you access to G Suite, which can help your organization work more efficiently and raise money and awareness without the expense. Sources: 4

Check out the Google Ad Grants for Nonprofit form to get access to an advertising budget of up to $40,000 per month. Check out our three ways to get more free traffic to your GoogleAd Grants account. You may also want to check out Elevation's 6 Min Survey, which helps organizations determine whether they are eligible for Google advertising funding. BF (red) will guide you through the application process for Google Ad Grants if you are a 501 (c) (3) organization and qualify for a Grants Account. Sources: 7, 8, 13, 18

We hope this program will help you set up your Google Ad Grants account and make the most of what the program has to offer. Sources: 7

If you have any questions about how to get started with Google Ad Grants or how the program can impact your organization, please contact us. Google offers a lot of support in this way, from the following steps to GoogleAd Grants for non-profit organizations. To learn more about Google advertising grants, visit our "Getting the most out of a Google grant" series. Research the steps organizations need to take to qualify and apply for the Google Advertising Grant program through Google's Ad Grant program. Sources: 14, 17, 20

Below are the steps you need to take to apply for a grant if you own or are part of a non-profit organization. You will explain exactly what Google Ad Grants are and how non-profit organizations benefit from them. Sources: 14

Once your ads appear and generate data, you set up a new Google Ads account and get permission for Google Ad Grants. Start with an experienced Google Grant consultant and see how Google ads can help your nonprofit organization hassle-free. Once you have been selected to receive a Google promotion for marketing to a non-profit, you will create and manage an account that you maintain yourself and with a paid advertiser. Go through the details of how they work, how they meet your needs and how you can turn your non-profit into a powerful campaign. Sources: 2, 5, 8, 12

Google offers a keyword planner that lets you choose from a variety of keywords such as "social media," "healthcare" and "education," and Google offers free access to Google Ad Planner. Once you see your ads appear here, your nonprofit can use Google Grant to bid money on relevant keywords. As shown in the image above, ads created by the Google Ad Grants program will appear in Google search results. 


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