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Interfacing of DAC with 8051 Micro-controller with program code

Aim: Interfacing of DAC with 8051 Microcontroller

Requirements: 8051, 11.0592MHz Crystal, 33pF (2),100nF(2), 10uF, 10K, push button, 10K resistor(1),1k resistor(1), DAC0808, Op-Amp 741, Bread Board, Connecting wires, 5V & 12V split power supply,

Circuit Diagram:




Program code :


;Generation of Triangle wave

org 0000h

again:mov a,#00h ;minimum magnitude

back:mov p2,a ;mag. copy to p2

cjne a,#0ffh,next ;max. mag.

sjmp triangle


inc a

sjmp back

triangle: ;for slope down

mov r0,a

djnz r0,again

mov p2,r0

sjmp triangle



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