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Vitality Meaning

Some authors, such as Maugans (1996), argue that spirituality can be understood as a belief system that gives vitality and meaning to life. In short, a philosophy of life can help us to recognize the importance of human vitality in reducing environmental damage and enriching human qualities, and it encourages us to enter into the other vitality of the individual human being, which, despite atomistic myopia, makes sense of the world and reveals the moral consequences of this vitality. We can appreciate our cities, we can imagine more than just a collection of buildings and buildings, but also people, animals and plants. Sources: 4, 5

Once we have identified the basic elements of vitality, we recognize the meaningful structures that make sense and have a sense of their own meaning. One that makes sense for us and one that one must have in order to make one's own sense work. Sources: 4

Perception of the importance of the individual plays an important role, but it is not the only factor associated with vitality. Vitality differs from individual to individual and is linked to the degree of subjective well-being - of being. Meaning is maintained and understood by the individual, but vitality differs between individuals and within individuals. Sources: 4, 5

The influence on vitality is a kind of experience in its own right, which comes from a dynamic and stimulating movement, both conscious and unconscious. It differs from the fundamental affect formulated by Tomkins (1984), but it is an important part of the life experience. Sources: 3

The strength of vitality is one of the five most important strengths, which correlates most strongly with happiness and well-being. The fundamental connection between body and mind is the core of our vitality, literally the life force. Mental vitality requires physical vitality, because it is important for the functioning of the brain as well as for mental processes. Our sense of love, consciousness and connectedness is the key to vitality and unlocks the vast web of life forces that spring from ourselves. Sources: 2, 8, 9

Emotional vitality requires being aware of the mental toxins that can affect our way of thinking, because good mental and emotional health is crucial for brain function and also for our physical health. Since vitality influences art therapy, it can be considered a relatively new field of research, so it is worth presenting additional cases to shed light on the relationship between vitality and mental health and its role in the health of our body and mind. Sources: 2, 3

This paper aims to find out what religiosity means in the context of art therapy in terms of vitality and what impact it has on mental health. We begin with a selection of images and stories influenced by the expression of life force and highlight and group them as expressions of attachment and inner change. The results are clear, except for the sample, which consists exclusively of older people. Vitality is not only influenced by physical health, but also by emotional health and mental state. Sources: 1, 3, 5

The strength of this study is that it evaluates the relationship between vitality and emotional health and mental health in the elderly, thus creating the opportunity for future studies to confirm the available results. Vitality can actually play a role in the development of mental and physical health. Helping older people to recognize the task of the present and broaden their perspective on the future is one way to foster the vitality of older people. Sources: 5

The sex life does not have to slow down to get on the path to renewed sexual vitality. Eating well and using natural products is one of the most important factors for the development of a healthy sex life. It is literally built into the cells (DNA) and becomes a vital part of the body as well as your mental and physical health. Eliminating your bad habits will increase your overall health and well-being and increase sexual vitality! Today we have reached a point in our lives where we can no longer feed on junk food and alcohol. Sources: 0, 7, 8

Research suggests that most things that have a negative impact on physical health and mood also have a negative impact on vitality. It is understood that a higher perception of what we mean by life is an evaluation of our subjective vitality, which can clearly influence the way we eat, drink, buy, wash, communicate, choose, nourish and communicate. In this respect, it is assumed that the perception of the meaning of life and the spirituality of the individual plays an important role in maintaining subjective vitality. Spiritual practice and mindful living are one of the most important factors in the development of a healthy sex life. 

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